Chapter 2
Motion programming concepts in the Robotics API

Having understood the basic concepts of the Robotics API in chapter 1 like accessing devices and sensors and executing Activities, this chapter will teach you how to program motions. Starting with simple joint space motions, this chapter will also introduce the concepts for modeling Cartesian space and motions in Cartesian space. Finally, other forms of movement that rely on sensors or external control inputs will be explained. Sensor based motion, in particular force-based manipulation, is a strength of the Light Weight Robot.

This chapter is structured as follows:

 2.1 Moving robots in joint space
 2.2 Modeling points in Cartesian space
  2.2.1 Frame, Relation, Transformation
  2.2.2 Creating and accessing Frames
  2.2.3 Using relations
 2.3 Cartesian motion
  2.3.1 Choosing the Motion Center Point (MCP)
  2.3.2 Cartesian point-to-point motion
  2.3.3 Linear motion
  2.3.4 Bezier spline motion
  2.3.5 Resolving redundancy
  2.3.6 Teaching Frames inside programs
 2.4 Motion blending
 2.5 Force-based manipulation
 2.6 Using different controllers of the Light Weight Robot
 2.7 Sensor guided motion
  2.7.1 Modifying motions using sensor measurements
  2.7.2 Completely sensor based motions