Chapter 1
Programming robots with the Robotics API

This chapter is a basic introduction to the Robotics API. It assumes basic knowledge about robots and robot programming and is structured as follows:

 1.1 What is the Robotics API?
 1.2 Installing the Robotics API and the RCC
 1.3 The first Robotics API program
 1.4 Programming devices
  1.4.1 Accessing devices in programs
  1.4.2 Using DeviceInterfaces
  1.4.3 Creating RtActivities
  1.4.4 Executing RtActivities
  1.4.5 Parameterizing RtActivities
  1.4.6 Using States to handle runtime events
 1.5 Creating complex real-time operations
  1.5.1 Sequential RtActivities
  1.5.2 Parallel RtActivities
  1.5.3 Dependent RtActivities
  1.5.4 Conditional RtActivities
  1.5.5 Timer based on RtActivities
 1.6 Sensors
  1.6.1 Monitoring sensor values
  1.6.2 Calculations on sensor values
  1.6.3 Sensors and States